8 weeks is all it takes.
Kick off.
Brand survey sent.
Brand positioning presented.
WEEK 3-4
Creative territories presented.
Final creative from chosen territory presented.
Website design presented.
Collateral sent to printers.
WEEK 7-8
Website goes live.
Printed collateral delivered.
Job ends.
We say no to a lot of things.
We believe that so many unnecessary expenses can be cut out thanks to better processes. Here’s what makes us lean operators, without ever compromising on quality.
no salaries
We employ the most skilled experts on a project-by-project basis. Our team expands and contracts as we need it to. That means we only pay for the expertise needed to deliver you a champagne brand - on a beer budget.
no middle management
Ever been charmed and promised the world by a business owner, signed on, then been passed down the ranks? That won’t happen with us; you’ll always be dealing with a founder right through from “hello” to “see you soon”.
no surprises
What you see is what you get. We don’t charge by the hour so you’re not left waiting anxiously for eye-watering bills to come in.
no fancy offices
Our team of experts work remotely around the world from wherever they please, so there’s no need for us to have a fancy and expensive office.
no long lunches
No offence, but we’ll never take you out for a big lunch. When others do that, that cost inevitably comes back to you. You’re always welcome to pop into our Sumner studio for one of our famous homemade sandwiches, though!
no mucking around
Not charging by the hour means we don’t have any incentive to drag projects out. We believe momentum is exceptionally important for creative projects and work in weeks, not months.
Meet Notanothercompany Team
We don’t do long convoluted contracts. We don’t do fine print. By working with Not Another™, you simply agree to our terms.